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watch masters golf online

Many golf and PGA Tour fans have no idea that they can watch "The Masters" live online. It's not hard to find a live streaming video feed of live golfing events that are televised, but you do need to know what website to go too. And, that is the purpose of our website. We do the work for you. So, instead of mindless searching the Internet looking for a place that will be airing an online broadcast, we have found that you can get instant access through the Live Golf Channel.

Basically, that service will provide instant access to thousands of sports channels that stream live sporting events like golf, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and more. Most importantly, they will give you access to this year's Masters.

Get started now, by clicking the button below for complete instant access to the Live Golf Channel.

One of the great benefits of being able to watch The Masters, and other golf tournaments, online, is that you don't have to miss the first couple of rounds. Almost all PGA tournaments start on Thursday morning. So, if you are at work Thursday and Friday, by the time Saturday rolls around you have already missed half of the action. There is always the recording option and watching it later, but most people prefer to watch sporting events live as they are taking place.

Having access to The Masters on your PC, Mac, or Laptop will allow you to watch all of the tournament in its entirety, and keep up with the leaderboard as it is taking place.

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